Goal Directed Leadership

The Eight Leadership Skill Areas

These Eight Skill Areas provide the paradigm of the Goal Directed Leadership program, and are build upon the foundation of the Eleven Core Leadership Competencies.
Under each title heading is a list of the skills that contribute to or support that particular skill area.

Vision - A Picture of Future Success

Where We Want To Be
Setting The Example

Ethical Decision Making - Doing What's Right

The Values & The Methods of The Boy Scouts of America
Right vs. Wrong, Right vs. Right, Trivial

Setting Goals - Creating A Positive Future

SMART Goals - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely

Planning - Preparing to Make It Happen

The Six-Step Planning Strategy*

Communicating - Listening & Being Heard

Getting & Giving Information*
Communicating Effectively Teaching A Skill Using The EDGE Method

Team Building - Living The Patrol Method

Teams & Team Characteristics
The Stages of Team Development
The Teaching EDGE / The Leading EDGE
Shared Leadership* / Servant Leadership / Representing the Group*
Understanding The Needs and Characteristics of the Group*
Knowing and Using Resources of the Group*
Manager of Learning*

Assessment - Evaluating Progress

Start, Stop, Continue - SSC / Evaluating*
Controlling Group Performance*
Using Reflections

Conflict Resolution - Keeping The Group Together

Express, Address, Resolve - EAR

*The Eleven Core Leadership Competencies

Attitude Reflects Leadership

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